terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2007

Police State at the University of Florida, Kerry Event, a student tasered for exercising his right of free speech

Nobody seems to remember how it was when Nixon was the President of the United States and J. Edgar Hoover ran the F.B.I.


Kerry was a presidential candidate without substance, and now he has proven that he is a man without substance.

And, now I do not know what is worse. Look at these two talking heads on MSNBC, the first one acting like it was justifiable to interrupt the process of free speech with police force, and the second one laughing. Notice the sound track. You can hear the taser being used, not once, not twice, not thrice, but even longer -- bzzzzzzt, bzzzzzzt, bzzzzzzzt, bzzzzzzt, bzzzzzzzt.


2 comentários:

Cláudio disse...

Vote for Kerry! Or else... :-)

Cassandra_Moderna disse...

Claudio, if you do not belong here, then where would you go? Anyway, no one will vote for Kerry -- not even for the job of local dog catcher.