terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2007

Arnaldo Jabor was "strrrrrroooonnng" today

Generally, it takes me a while to figure some things out, as, for example, the fact that Arnaldo Jabor's column in the Segundo Caderno of O Globo is published on Tuesdays. But, I figured it out a few days ago, and it was with a sense of delicious anticipation that I logged onto this Tuesday's online edition of O Globo. Further, not wishing to gratify myself so early in the day, I paced myself and first read the front section. Only then did I permit myself to commence reading Mr. Jabor's column. But from the very first sentence, I knew that I was going to be in for a rocky ride. First my mouth closed and my lips pressed together. My face began to screw up in a grimace. My eyebrows went up. My brow furrowed. My eyes squinted. My face would not keep still. I squirmed in my chair. His words were "strrrrroooong," as my older brother, Richard, would say.

Now, in order to pronounce the word strong in the correct sense and meaning intended in the present instance, you must grit your teeth together while pronouncing the "s," then clench your teeth on only one side of your face, drawing back your lips on the same side while nearly growling out the rrrrr's very deeply in the back of your throat, only opening your mouth slightly while thrusting out the lower jaw to pronounce the "o" for at least a full second (like a prolonged "aw"), all the while leaning forward slightly, glaring at your listener with your dominant eye, and to complete the effect, use an accent from southern Illinois (which is akin to that of western Tennessee, if you know what I mean).

Mr. Jabor's words were screaming of his frustration. He imploded. Then he exploded. In other words, he went supernova and it was not pretty. I pity his keyboard. Still, he is the only one saying what we all want to say (albeit in other words). But words are not enough. Only actions will solve this mess.

ADDENDUM: For those of you who do not know, I will tell you that it is not possible to copy text directly from the online version of O Globo. Therefore, it is necessary for me to laboriously type each and every word from Sr. Jabor's column directly into my blog. Today, his words are so graphic that I do not feel comfortable placing them in this post. Instead, I am providing a link to a site with pertinent YouTube videos: http://letrasdespidas.wordpress.com/2007/07/11/comentarios-do-arnaldo-jabor/#comment-500
ADDENDUM of August 8th: I found a site where you can read Mr. Jabor's column of July 31st without me having to go to the trouble of typing each word into this blog.

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